Daylight Savings

Image from public domain pictures

The enemy of ambition, bane of time-management, slaughterer of schedules: Daylight Savings. Once a year, we lose an entire hour of our precious time. If this mischievous day didn’t pilfer 60 priceless minutes away from us, how would we take advantage of this time? What would I have done with that extra hour?

Would I have slept in this Sunday morning? Would I have used it to work on APUSH homework? Would I have spent it on writing this blog post? Would I have tried to spend another hour at my workplace?

Perhaps I could have tried something new. Maybe I could have tried to cook something nice for dinner rather than a couple pizza rolls with sriracha sauce. I could have made pancakes, this time without burning them into a disgusting mess. I could have watched a new show, listened to a new band, or gone on an evening stroll. But alas, fate is a cruel mistress. She kicks you in the groin, rips an hour of your life away, and doesn’t give you those pancakes you were totally going to make. Such is life.

What would you do with an extra hour?



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