First Day on the Job

Today I went to my new job for the first day. I bussed and washed dishes at a local, upscale restaurant for about four hours. I was first trained to bus for about an hour before I took over as the only busser when my trainer’s shift was over. Of course, it was in the afternoon lull and the restaurant was not very busy. Nonetheless, it gave me a new experience and forced me to think on my feet. There were still other workers that I could ask for help, but it still granted a great deal of independence to me. Soon another busser came in and I moved into the kitchen to wash dishes. I was faced with a never-ending onslaught of dishes; my hands never stopped moving as an unfamiliar porcelain parade marched past my eyes. Where does this plate go? Where are the utensils? Why must these dishes be so damn hot? With the help of the kitchen staff, I managed to survive for my first two hours before my shift came to an end. Even still, my hands refused to stop quivering and continued to do so for a good 15 minutes. Overall, it was a good day and a very new experience.


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