Squid on Squid Action

It is necessary for me to look through my past months of posts and discover the path my strange creation has taken.


Most notably, I have focused most of posts on investigations (8) and questions (7). Pondering the world around me is an important aspect of my life and has clearly dictated my blogposts. The human mind is like a blade: you must ask questions and investigate or it will become dull and you will have no way to defend your positions on key issues. Delight was close with 6 posts dedicated to it. Focusing on happier things in life is essential to keep a level head as life inundates us with stress.

Throughout my posts, I have noticed two main types of posts: comedic and extremely serious. My comedic posts either mock something I’ve been asked to do or are focused on bizarre subjects. While they aren’t “laugh out loud” funny, and are not intended to be, they are far from sincere. On the other hand, some of my posts display and explain my opinions on the world, many of which are unpopular. Right from the beginning, I made it clear that my genuine opinions would be proclaimed without holding back, shown by my first true post “An Unpopular Opinion on a Touchy Subject.” It focused on the refusal of service and I concluded that you shouldn’t be forced to make cakes for homosexuals. This continued in articles like “The Future of Planned Parenthood” and “Family Interview.”

My topics don’t really show a concrete pattern. I’ve touched on a number of important subjects like Planned Parenthood, abortion, and peace in America, yet also made multiple posts on a fat pug, a post on peanut butter, and one on a crazy mix of a fetus and a dog. My ‘free’ posts reflect whatever comes to mind and even the teacher-mandated ones can veer off in unintended directions.

If I had to choose a post to expand on, it would have to be “Overflowing Garbage.” The post focused on the strife of life but was extremely brief. It was little more than a small memo; a reminder to reflect on your life. Delving deeper into it could help put the issues of the world into perspective and shed light onto the state of society. There are  so many things I could discuss, so many posts I could connect with it, so many unpopular opinions I could share. The idea could lead to a nearly infinite number of possibilities.

Overall, the blog has gone through some interesting developments. Posts have gotten longer and more detailed, although they lack the same consistency and quantity of early posts. It uses two main types of articles to explore an impressive array of subjects. It will be interesting to see how the blog continues to progress as the months roll by.


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