NFL Playoffs

After writing a rather heavy article on abortion , I felt that I had to write something with a bit more levity and a bit less ‘thinking’ required, which inevitably led me to television.

This years playoffs has been a wild ride so far. The Texans got a win against a third-string quarterback and survived the playoffs until Tom Brady showed Osweiler what a real quarterback looks like. The Greenbay Packers continue to run the table, knocking out both the Giants and the Cowboys. Odell Beckham Jr. punched a hole through a wall (and proceeded to do the same to a wall in my high school bathroom, tell TMZ to hit me up anytime). The Twelfth Man of Seattle turned out to be the men in black and white, giving them a victory over the Lions. But not even they could save them from Atlanta’s flawless performance. Lastly, the Steelers won a few games or something.

The NFC Championship consists of the red-hot Greenbay Packers and the shaky Atlanta Falcons whom I did not think would make it past Russel Wilson and the Referees..I mean, the Seattle Seahawks. If they can repeat their dominant performance again, it should make for a close game. Greenbay’s defense had trouble keeping the Coybows out of the endzone, something the arguably best offense of the Atlanta Falcons will be looking to exploit. However, Aaron Rodgers and the Packer’s offense are likely to find every hole Atlanta’s defense leaves open. It looks to be an impending shootout, but who will be left standing when the dust settles?

The AFC Championship is essentially my worst nightmare. My two least favorite teams: the cheating Patriots led by two of the cockiest and morally ambiguous players in the history of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by a QB with the athletic agility of a …well, giant clock tower. The Patriots offense will be looking to carry its defense to the Super Bowl, but the Steelers’ balance between offensive and defensive talent could be able to forge their path to the final game.

This next weekend looks to be an exciting one with lots of scoring. Each team deserves the spot they have and any one of them could find themselves with a shiny new ring.


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