The Beeeeeee


Earlier this week, I was sitting and eating lunch with my friends when I noticed a bee hanging out on my drawstring bag. I stared at it for a while and eventually looked away, glancing over about every minute to see if it had left. Every time I looked, it was still there. My friend tried to get close and move it, but every time he approached, the bee aggressively spread its wings to appear larger. When he backed away, the bee retracted its wings and simply stared at him.

Five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen, then twenty. This bee just refused to leave my bag. At this point, we concluded the only logical explanation: we were in the Bee Movie 2 and this bee was in love with one of us. More time passed and the bee still remained perched on my bag. I moved the bag back and forth with my foot, but it had no effect on the bee. I managed to move the bag up and down to make it speak the way a child moves the head on their stuffed animals when they talk.

As lunch drew to an end, one of my friends grabbed a stick and tricked it into climbing onto it. He casually moved it into the dirt and set it free. Apparently, it was injured and unable to fly away, so we left it be. Well, most of us did. One of my friends decided to kick it to death. Devin just couldn’t leave it alone.

I ask that upon reading this, you have a minute of quiet reflection in honor of the bee that once walked among us. It’s what she would have wanted. As well as for Devin to have not murdered her.


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