Peace in America


As I’m sure you already know, Donald J. Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. This was a victory almost nobody saw coming, save that one college professor and The Simpsons. Earlier this week, Mickey Edwards of LA Times wrote an article detailing the importance of a peaceful transition of power. He clearly seems to be focusing on Trump and his claim that he would not stop fighting for the White House. America was nervous whether he would peacefully allow Hillary to set up shop in D.C., but now the tables have turned. Trump is now the next president and Hillary was the own to concede.

Both candidates, in my opinion, did an excellent job following the results. Trump had a very unifying speech that mixed patriotism with respect and humility. Clinton had an equally optimal speech, telling America to give him a chance. I’m very impressed by the way both candidates handled the issue. The same cannot be said for America.

Democratic voters believed that Trump supporters would riot in the streets creating chaos across America. In an ironic change of events, Hillary supporters are rioting in the streets, attacking bystanders, vandalizing cars, hanging effigies of Trump, burning government buildings, and smashing windows and buildings. This didn’t take long to start, either. All of these heinous and unwarranted acts began the very night Trump was elected. They are burning American flags, waving anti-Trump propaganda, and one even bit the ear of a Trump supporter. In the larger collections of protesters, the police have had to get involved, arresting thousands. In Pennsylvania, shots were even fired upon our men in blue. Others in Oakland were assaulted by rioters. Recently, protesters have began to march in Hollywood, lasting from Friday until Sunday when the police shut it down.

These violent riots are igniting across America, focusing on big cities such as New York city and Los Angeles. Even in my own school, the principal had to say, “We have a demographically diverse campus that is united in our… spirit. We love and care for one another at our best and when we face our greatest challenges and fears. I ask that you look to your neighbors and give them hope for a better future.” He goes on to assure children that the campus will be a place safe from discrimination. The principal also assured us that the peaceful transition of power is important. The fact that our principal felt the need to calm students down and dissuade them from protest shows the anger many Americans feel after this election.

This election has been one of the most gruesome, barbaric, and revolutionary ones yet. Never has there been such an unforeseen result to a presidential election in the history of America. The losing side is bound to be shocked and upset; that much is expected. However, resulting to physical violence and anti-nationalistic rallies is disgusting and childish. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have accepted him as the next president, so why are the rest of leftist voters hell-bent on rioting for their already defeated leaders?

In this time of controversial transition of power between political parties, everyone must accept the results and make the best of the government we have. This government is designed for the people to have a say in it. The people provide the power, and there are many ways to get your point across. Violence is far from the answer and will only lead to further turmoil.


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