Squid: Puggy Edition P3


By now, you probably have a fairly good idea of what Puggy is: an old dog with the physique of a 72 oz. barrel of McDonald’s soda. He is extremely lazy, requiring genuine incentive to lift his head off of the chair. No more than twenty seconds after I hastily snapped this picture, he shut his eyes and plopped his head onto the squishy cushion.

We all know that one person whose spirit animal is most certainly Puggy. Whether it’s that friend who would rather go home after fourth period than have a fifth period and join a sport, or that kid in English class who doesn’t do his friekin rough draft and instead bullshits his way through half of the assignment and then copies and pastes it to make it meet the required length, people with unreasonable levels of laziness exist all around us.

Upon thinking about this, I wondered: What do we do with people like this? Do we hold their hand and guide them or do we drop kick them into the deep end and break out the popcorn? To me, the answer is fairly obvious, although it is quite cold-hearted. I’m all for teaching a man to fish, but if he is too lazy to bust out his fishing nets once in a while, the rest of society shouldn’t feel obligated to help him out. Some people you simply can’t help. You should always try, but at some point you have to give up and let them become desperate enough to resort to…trying.



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