Squid: Puggy Edition P2


Puggy is an interesting dog with many quirks and foibles. One of the most bizarre are his huge talons. This dog puts tigers to shame! This pug could slice a hole in the screen door from a yard away—that is, if he could actually muster the strength to even bother.

I can’t help but wonder: why on earth does a dog need the claws of a dragon? Is it to scare off potential prey, giving the impression that this pillow propped up by twigs could actually defend itself? Is it because puggy wants his nails to look like they have extensions? Or are his owners just too lazy to get them trimmed. I think it’s probably the first one. Yeah, definitely the first one.

Imagine you are a wild puggy, helpless and afraid, alone in the dense forests of the Congo: the natural habitat of the wild puggy. An infantry of African Elephants has surrounded you. As they approach, your talons glint from the sun peeking through the dense trees. Terrified, they run away frantically, knocking delicious fruits from the trees as they make their escape.

In summary, Puggy’s long talons must be an adaptation formed from millions of years of survival in the Congo.



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