Overflowing Garbage


Sometimes, life is overflowing with garbage. From your school losing their football game against their rival for the 12th straight time to hours upon hours of APUSH homework, life throws a lot of crap at you. The problem is: we don’t have anyone to conveniently dump our baggage. Or do we?

As children, all of our problems are solved by our parents. When we get into trouble, they valiantly pull us through the wreckage and save us. Life was so simple; we lived without a worry in the world. But as we age, our protective bubble pops, dropping us into the real world.

So once we are in the real world, who do we rely on to help us? Do we continue to rely on our parents? They are only with us so long until they pass on, taking their knowledge with them. Do we rely on our friends? Or do we rely on a higher power? I have no answer this time. I only ask that you take the time to think about it.


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