I was looking around my house looking for inspiration when I stumbled across my sister’s fish. He just sat there, looking at my with his empty, black eyes. He wore an emotionless expression as he moved his fins back and forth. Occasionally, he lazily opened his mouth, swallowed some water, and closed it. Open. Closed. Open. Closed

On first glance, this fish is the definition of useless. In fact, it is worth less than worthless. It eats, it breathes, it floats, it craps, it dies. It consumes and only produces waste. It doesn’t contribute to society in any way.

I tried to connect it with something else equally useless, and the only thing I could think of was learning cursive in elementary school. Seriously, the only time I have ever used cursive was to write a signature. That’s it. Especially now that we are in an increasingly technological world, we have no need for cursive. If we want something to look nice, you type it. If you want to write quickly, you use normal letters and just don’t lift your pen or pencil, like a weird mix between standard handwriting and cursive.

All cursive did for me was force me to waste my time learning to write archaic scribbles. All I did was lose some of my valuable life as an elementary school kid that I could have spent catching Pokemon. Just like a useless beta fish that craps itself and doesn’t even bother to clean up.


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