An Open Mind


How can you have an open mind? What IS an open mind? I believe that it is the viewing of all aspects of an argument, thoroughly analysis of all the facts, and the arrival of a conclusion based on those. Now that we have a definition, the way we use it in our vernacular must be evaluated.

We always say things like ,”He/She doesn’t have an open mind,” but how do we use it in conversation? We generally say it when someone isn’t agreeing with our ‘obviously correct’ opinion. We claim that the person is willingly ignorant and that is why they don’t agree with us, but what if it was the other way around? If the other person is unaware of their apparent closed-mindedness, couldn’t you be the closed minded one? Could both of you be closed-minded, essentially arguing with a brick wall?

We treat open-mindedness as the ability to budge in an argument, but if someone doesn’t see any reason to budge, we call them closed-minded. Is it truly possible to determine whether someone has a closed mind or not? In our society, we use it as a cheap shot to essentially call the other person an idiot for not agreeing with you in a more respectful manner. So as my answer to the question, I will pose another one: “Does it really even matter?” Because of the impossibility of actually determining the open or closed-mindedness of a person, I believe that the question is irrelevant.


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