Super Bowl


Today I thought about the Super Bowl and an idea popped into my head that I constantly ponder. We have so much fun watching the Super Bowl and our emotions are greatly influenced. When our team wins, we are filled with overwhelming delight. When we lose, we feel great sorrow: even more than the glee of winning. Even though our emotions are greatly moved, the game doesn’t really matter. By the next day, or two days at most, we forget the game and move on with our lives.

We place so much importance on a game, but when you ask people who played in the Super Bowl 5 years ago, chances are, they have absolutely no idea. We invest our time and feelings into sports, but the delight is fleeting. It is bizarre that we place so much importance on something that doesn’t have any direct influence on society. Our obsession with sports crafts the influence it has on the world. The sport itself isn’t influential; it is just a bunch of guys in protective gear running around with a pig skin tackling each other with a set of complicated rules. However, society places importance on this, treating its players as role models. It also becomes a part of our identity. It creates unity between fans of the game, as well as between fans of specific teams.

The effect of sports on society is unique. The happiness and sorrow it provides is unlike any other, as well as its very temporary nature. It reveals aspects of our character, as well as our society.



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