An Unpopular Opinion on a Touchy Subject


Should businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone?

As of right now, while they claim to have that right, legally they are not allowed to refuse service, even if it goes against their core morale values. Earlier today I began to think about whether bakeries should be allowed to decline service to homosexuals. I arrived at the unpopular, but justified conclusion that they should.

The idea behind refusing service is to show that you do not support what your product is used for. Baking is the same way, where when you make a cake for something, you’re giving it your stamp of approval. No one would ask someone else to make a cake in honor of an initiate gang member’s first kill and sue them for not supplying the cake. It would make sense that the bakery would not support this, and would not have to.

In order to fully understand the baker’s viewpoint for refusing service to homosexuals, one much know that in the eyes of a Christian, sins are not equal in magnitude, but are definitely equal in punishment. If one refuses to ask for forgiveness of their sins, they will not be allowed through the gates of heaven. This puts all sins, from homosexuality to murder, on the same level.

You might be saying “Well, they shouldn’t compare homosexuality to murder! They’re different!” However, declaring this means that you think they should not be allowed to think from their religious viewpoint because it doesn’t agree with yours. Forcing them to put their stamp of approval on something they don’t support is limiting their right to free speech and forcing them to say something that goes against their moral code.

It isn’t a matter of whether you believe that homosexuality is wrong. It is a matter of infringing on the first amendment, as well as a reflection of our society. No one would get angry at someone refusing service to a Christian. In fact, some might even support it and praise their bravery for not being afraid to express their opinion. However, if someone refused to bake a Muslim cake, they would be immediately sued and verbally assaulted by the media and the community.

I believe that anyone should be allowed to refuse service to anyone. If we begin to censor opinions we see as “bad,” society will gradually become used to censorship and numb to its effects. More and more unpopular opinions will be suppressed and seen as “wrong,” resulting in a major blow to our first amendment.

This issue of “freedom” and “liberty” has occurred throughout American history. As the freedom of some grew, the freedom of others had to be reduced. For example, as the white men of America’s liberty grew, they had to reduce the freedom of Africans and Native Americans, taking away the Native’s land and limiting the rights of free blacks, as well as using many of them as slaves. Just like this, as the liberty of homosexuals to be married increases, the liberty of Christians to voice their opinion decreases. If we are to get along with one another as a nation, we need to have laws and regulations to prevent the suppression of people by using the Constitution of Independence and the Bill of Rights as  guidelines. In this case, I believe that we should allow the refusal of service for reasons regarding the core moral beliefs of the business in order to preserve and enforce the first amendment.


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