A (Not So) Good Blog Post


Why can’t I think of a good blog post?

Children nowadays are generally quite bad at managing the distractions around them. From the Packers vs. Giants game on the television to the Bob’s Burgers open in another tab, we generally aren’t able to control our environment. In school, we always complain about the hours and hours of homework we have, when it mostly takes that long because we aren’t focused on our work.

We aren’t able to do two things efficiently at once, and definitely not three. It’s taken me over ten minutes just to write this drivel. While I certainly possess the ability to manage my environment, I often choose not to. The game going on in the background keeps me from being bored, and the Bob’s Burgers keeps my mind happy. While they help me in some ways, they restrict my mind. I initially wanted to do a topic on ‘unite,’ but I wasn’t able to think of a subject that I deem worthy because of my lack of focus.

In the end, we need to learn to decide what we believe is important. Is our work important enough to us to buckle down and just do it, or do we need distractions to keep us interested? Right now, I’d rather sit down and watch the end of this football game.


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